Winner: Finley Ranson

Finley is totally tube fed and unable to eat any food. Depending on his blood results, he has to attend Broomfield Hospital, once or twice a week, to have eight-hour blood infusions. He is always looking at what he can do to help the other children when they’re in hospital. He saved up his pocket money and bought the children on the ward Easter Eggs, even though he isn’t able to eat them himself. He wanted to do a sky dive for charity, but he is too young. Instead his Mum did it with a group of friends and raised £10,000 for Great Ormond Street. He did manage to do a trolley dash through a toyshop.  He donated all the toys to the Phoenix Ward of Broomfield Hospital. His Mum says, "Even in his darkest days he thinks of others…and for that I am so proud"

Highly Commended: Connor McCarthy

Connor’s Mum suffered with a serious spine condition as a child and still suffers severely with Scoliosis.  Connor had long wanted to help by raising some funds for the charity, Scoliosis UK.  He is a member of Romford Town Swimming Club where he trains regularly. Recently his schedule took a major increase when he decided to do a sponsored swim of the English Channel. The only way he could complete the 33.3 Kilometre’s was over a week in his local swimming baths. Each day he got up at 4.30 a.m. and swam 5 or 6 KM before returning home to getting ready for school. He achieved his goal and completed the 1,332 lengths of the pool raising almost £3,000 for the charity.

Highly Commended: Evelyn Ewles

Evelyn’s two brothers both have problems. Her twin brother Ryan has undergone multiple open-heart surgery and has been diagnosed with a genetic disorder leading to ASD and ADHD. Younger brother Isaac diagnosed as autistic has now regressed to non-verbal development delay. His admittance to a special needs school has sparked a new ambition in Evelyn, she dreams of being a cardiac surgeon to save children like her twin brother Ryan, but now she also wants to help others by working in a special needs school. At school she is learning sign language so she can better communicate with her younger brother Isaac, she has also joined a signing choir and performed at the O2. She has just had fifteen inches of her hair cut off and donated to the little Princess charity to be made into wigs for children undergoing Chemotherapy.  A High achieving scholar, Evelyn is described as a wonderful daughter, a caring sister, and an inspirational young person. 

Highly Commended: Bobbie-Jean Cook

Bobbie’s brother was born with five congenital heart diseases. He was rushed to Brompton Hospital for urgent             treatment. Because his heart problem was not picked up sooner, he will have to    undergo further surgery and perhaps a heart transplant. As a result of looking    after her brother, she has become intent in raising awareness of the disease. She is now petitioning for babies to be checked at home and has 9,000 people helping her to bring about the change. She has raised significant sums for the hospital that saved him, currently at £11,000.  Whilst doing all this she has kept            an impeccable record at school and has managed to transition into the secondary school of her choice.

Highly Commended: Cillian Whyte

Cillian was born with just two chambers in his heart rather than the usual four. He needed urgent open-heart surgery at the Royal Brompton to survive. Five years later this remarkable boy was part of the march that protested against the closure of the Hospital. When in 2016 Cillian joined the Chelmsford Karate Club the notes on his school care plan read, ‘Reduced exercise tolerance. He should participate in all activities within the restrictions and limitations of his congenital heart condition.’ His Karate instructor says she has noticed no limitations at all, apart from the magnificent scar that runs down his chest. He competes in all tournaments and has won medals and outside of Karate he plays football. She says, "Cillian trains hard and has achieved his brown belt in an organization that strives for perfection."





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