Karen Lane - Winner

Karen was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer 10 years ago which    spread to her liver and is currently still in her lungs. Throughout the treatments, chemo, operations, she still managed to put everyone else first. She’s been a speaker  at many ‘race for life’ events to encourage people experiencing the same journey to never ever give up! Karen is a true example that with a positive attitude you can achieve whatever you believe. She has the Merry Meades Tearoom in Brentwood where she runs events to donate back to charity and the community. Since being diagnosed she has devoted her life to raising awareness and money for cancer research U.K.  

The Clark Family - Highly Commended

Lee Clark, and his two lovely daughters Isabelle and Emily have done a great deal of fund raising for deserving causes. Dad runs marathons, and the girls have so many charity actions; from bucket collections and cake sales to sleeping out rough to raise money and awareness for the homeless. They even turned down a day out to Chessington World of Adventures with their siblings so that they could fundraise. Together the family have raised more than Fifty Thousand pounds for deserving causes. Dad Lee says that he couldn’t be more proud of the girls and that goes double with how the girls feel about their selfless father.

Jamie Bagge - Highly Commended

It all began a few years ago when Jamie ran the London Marathon and used the money he raised to provide a Christmas Lunch for the elderly and lonely in his area. Since then he has, with his own money, dressed his house as a Christmas spectacular. Each year the attendance grows and grows, residents now contact him to ask when the lights are going to be switched on. Jamie continues to develop new ideas to increase the money he raises for local causes. He’s had Reindeers, Father Christmas on a sleigh, a Santa's Grotto and the local Town Brass Band. He has extended the decorations into his neighbours gardens and even has installed snow machines. His young family of four dress up and sell festive treats, and with the aid of a wishing well raise considerable sums of money for local charities

Pamela Rew - Highly Commended

Pamela can often be found, with her band of volunteers, selling donated items at Christmas fairs, or on a stall at Community markets or sometimes even on her own lawn. She has raised thousands of pounds on behalf of ‘Kids Inspire’, an Essex charity which supports children and young people recovering from traumatic experiences or dealing with emerging mental health difficulties.
The charity manager of ‘Kids Inspire’, Paula Ashfield, says
“Although advanced in years Pamela turns up in all weathers. She is a great ambassador for our charity. Always ready to spread the word to attract new supporters. Pamela is both a great asset to us and the community of Essex.”

Jo and Darran Russell - Highly Commended

For more than ten years this generous couple from Grays have been working and volunteering for the charity ‘Clowns in the Sky’. A charity dedicated to the research and treatment of childhood brain tumours and to the welfare of affected children and their families. They have raised thousands of pounds, being prepared for almost anything from cycle marathons to personally doing sponsored Fire-walks. Their nominator, Charity development officer Donna Byrne, says of them “They are an amazing couple who have raised lots of awareness for the charity, as well as lots of money. They are totally supportive, and will always offer to lend a hand. These two really deserve recognition as they have their own family, jobs and life and yet give so much to us”.





Other Supporters

Anglia Ruskin University Chelmsford