Winner: Jacob Tomkins

Jacob, was once described as a miracle baby. He was stillborn, with asphyxia, a severe brain injury, but survived. It took doctors, 22 minutes of resuscitation, to get Jacob breathing. He defied all the odds, being able to walk, after his parents were told he may never be able to walk or talk. Jacob has raised £1,000’s for a charity close to him, called ‘the dream factory’. 
When Jacob was five, he ran a mile a day, for 50 days.  This year, at just seven years old, he climbed to the summit of Mount Snowdon. 
Jacob, always wants to help others, and always put others first. 

Highly Commended: Poppy Wraight

Poppy, has a type of dwarfism called Achondro-plasia. Poppy is 8 now, but she is the same size as a 5-year-old. She has to constantly exceed herself, to keep up with her peers. Whilst she has adaptations at school and home, she always wants to try and do things, the same way as her friends, which can be really frustrating for her.
One example of Poppy's courage and perseverance, is her annual school Sports Day. Poppy isn't as fast, or as strong, or as agile as her peers, and she hates people watching her come last every time, but she always gives 100%, and always does it with a smile on her face. That sums up Poppy completely - someone who faces adversity every single day, but someone who comes out fighting. 

Highly Commended: Kady Farrelly

Kady has had a lot to put up with since suffering terrible treatment as a small baby. She is registered as disabled, has VP shunt fitted, and has partial sight impairment condition.  She now lives with her loving Grandmother who nominated her for an award. Each day she faces immense struggles but strives to be same as her peers. She attends Grovewood primary school who are fantastic and supportive. Kady has a real determination within her to try to do anything but knows her limits. She has undergone many MRI scans, CT scans, blood tests, eye tests, physio courses, counselling, operations, so much treatment over the years more than any child should have to. She is only the size of a 4-year-old yet despite her 8-year-old friends towering over her she will still muck in and try her best to join in all activities. She has such a positive attitude in life and has a gentle nature. Kady cannot walk far distances, has mobility issues which again limits her, but she will always smile and get on with things. Her Grandmother says, “Kady is a true example of courage in her everyday life. At school Kady has been nominated by class friends to be part of Kindness Crew, she is very proud, and so are we! She deserves the world!”

Highly Commended: Sadie Fisk

Sadie, has Cerebral Palsy, having been born prematurely at 27 weeks. From the day she was born, she was a brave and determined little girl. She has endured, numerous physiotherapies, from a year old, and had life-changing surgery at the age of 4, to enable her to walk, with the aid of a walking frame. She has attended mainstream school, and thrives, due to her love of learning. She is a huge advocate, and inspiration, to young children with disabilities, and never lets her disability get in the way, of her enjoying life and achieving, all the things she wants to. Cerebral Palsy is just a small part of Sadie, but it also pushes her, to show the world that anything is possible. She is a ‘Diversity model’ for Zebedee Talent, and has worked with brands such as: Lego, Morrisons, River Island, and recently, featured in a BBC drama, called ‘Best Interests’. Sadie loves that she can represent other children with disabilities, and that they can be seen and included on TV, like anyone else, and aspire to do the same. Sadie loves to take part in charity events, and raise money for worthy causes. 

Her Mum, Kelly, says “Sadie is mature for her years and is loved by her peers, and adults alike. It hasn't been easy for her over the years having a physical disability, but she continues to push herself, while all the time having a huge smile on her face.”

Highly Commended: Tamara Griffin

Tamara faces many challenges in her everyday life but always has a smile on her face! Tamara has Di George syndrome which means she has palate, heart, gastro and endocrine complications whilst she is also deaf requiring hearing aids. 
She also is fed via a feeding tube due to multiple food intolerances.

Her nominator Anita Newstead said, “I nominated Tamara for this award because she has endured so many challenges in her short life and spends so much time in and out of hospital, yet she smiles her way through and copes with everything that life throws at her. She is very kind and thinks of others and is known for her kindness to other children. We were told that she is much loved by all who meet her and is a little ray of sunshine ….but still keeps her mum and dad on their toes!”





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