Individual Lifetime Community Award Winner: Piyush Acharya

For more than twenty years Piyush has run the Newsagent and Post Office in Bush Fair, Harlow.

It has become a focal point for the Community who have come to rely on this kind and generous man for everything from Advice to newspaper deliveries  seven days a week.  As a young married couple in the mid eighties Piyush and his wife Vishakha came to the UK to build their lives. They had nothing in their pockets but ambition and hard work .

They learnt to speak English, adjusted to the culture, endured racism and raised  two very decent and respectable daughters, both now doctors ….. and through hard work established a business that is a corner stone of the community.

Individual Lifetime Corporate Award Winner: Les Nicoll

Les is well known and loved by his community having

worked for Essex Fire and Rescue for 50 years, he is

currently a community builder.


During the pandemic Les provided the community of

North East Essex with hot  meals. He even ensured

families did not go hungry on Christmas day and      

provided presents for families to give to their children. 

He regularly looks after the homeless with food, blankets and toiletries, working closely with the North Essex Support Team (NEST) project. 

His nominator Daniel Potts says “Les always goes above and beyond when dealing on behalf of the community, whether it’s housing, social care, health, fire and crime prevention, or any other support he can provide to help families and young  people. In short he would do anything for anyone”





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