Winner: Lauren Dicker

Lauren has been a nurse at Broomfield Hospital for nine years. After recovering from her battle with Covid-19 she went back to work on the Covid-19 Heybridge Ward at Broomfield Hospital doing 12-14 hour shifts. She set up a giving page raising literally thousands of pounds for snacks and drinks for her colleagues and coordinated this throughout the hospital whilst studying for her university degree   and fundraising for new hospital equipment. She puts the care of patients and colleagues as top priority above anything for herself, providing much needed energy drinks and high protein snacks and goodies to her front line colleagues to lift their spirits in such stressful times but asked nothing in return for herself. Her Nominator David Wiles said ‘She is so dedicated to her career she does not  realise how humbled people are by her actions’


Highly Commended:  Mary Cordeiro

Mary has quite frankly been a lifeline for residents of Great Baddow during the       pandemic. As soon as lockdown started she set up a network of volunteers to help those self-isolating and the elderly. Over a year later that network is still running  and has fulfilled over 1,000 requests ranging from collecting and delivering prescriptions, doing shopping, arranging transport for people to get vaccinated and even delivering leftover bunches of flowers donated by local businesses to cheer people up during their lowest periods. Nominator Andy Graham said ‘I dread to think how many hundreds of hours she has selflessly put in. Quite frankly, I am in awe of her’

Highly Commended: Jean Osbourne

Jean is 78 years old, an age when you would expect her to be able to relax and perhaps receive care from her family. Sadly that is not possible as seven years ago Jean's daughter Lisa fell down her stairs. She cracked her skull, an injury that has left her severely disabled. Lisa returned home after a year and requires carers four times a day plus night care. Otherwise Jean is there for Lisa the remainder of the time. Jean also has a son Andrew, in his fifties who is dangerously epileptic and unable to fully care for himself. Jean cares for him throughout. Jean also has to  negotiate the growing up of Lisa's three sons, one of whom is highly autistic with speech problems. She also has to deal with the ebb and flow of her grandchildren between Lisa's household and that of her former partner. Her Nominator Alan Bellchambers said I believe she risen to the task with amazing energy for a women of her age. Truly an Unsung Hero.



Highly Commended: Kelly Rosevear

Kelly never stops, she is always giving. She has two children, is a police officer of long standing, runs a local community tea room, the Hub, and is the founder of The  Baby Bank HQ that supports hundreds of families each year on a voluntary basis. The Hub was started during lockdown earlier this year, and due to her hard work she has now managed to source four community hubs, she manages many volunteers and helps hundreds of families a year in her free time. All this and she runs a local charity to help families living in poverty. In the opinion of her nominator Tom Phillips she is a pillar of the community and thoroughly deserves an Unsung Hero award.


Highly Commended: Hannah Cantwell and Daniel Ulph

Hannah and Daniel have since children, helped out at their local church, but when Covid-19 hit they felt they needed to do more. Fortunately as they were able to work from home they both kept their jobs and were able to live at their parents' homes.  Initially they answered the call from their local church (St Thomas of Canterbury,  Grays) for young people to volunteer to sanitize the church, greet and check off  the congregation, enforce social distancing and re-sanitize again after the service.   They have been helping twice a week for nearly a year. For six months or so they have been volunteering for Friends of Essex and London Homeless. Once a week  they visit Greggs bakery, collect leftovers and help to distribute the food. Every Friday whatever the weather they volunteer at the Grays soup kitchen. In addition  they help co-ordinate and distribute donated rucksacks of sanitary and other  useful products before Christmas. They have been truly moved by the plight of the people they have met and have a renewed determination to help even more. Their selflessness and generosity, as well as a real appreciation of their relatively privileged position, are a true inspiration. They do not look for recognition or praise, they just get on with what needs to be done.





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