Community Champion - Sponsored by Potters Resort

Winner - Daniel Stoten

           Daniel is part of the Essex Police Major investigations team. He works a huge amount of hours dealing with very serious and difficult crime. Daniel and his wife, who also works in murder investigations, often have    to juggle their time to organize the childcare of their family. He also manages somehow, to run a charity focused boxing and fitness centre in Chelmsford where he has started a gang diversion program in the gym, giving free training to boys and girls who are at risk of gang involvement. Danny is known in the force as ‘Danny Box’. Few people outside of the police force know that over the last 6 years, through boxing events, he has raised over £160,000 for disabled children in Essex 

Highly Commended - Lindsey Abbott

Lindsey is a self-employed fitness instructor who, whilst running her own company ‘Shimmy and Groove’, unselfishly raises funds for needy charities, in particular, at present, ‘Kids Inspire’. She is also constantly looking to help individual people, especially by raising money with various events. The latest example is the story of a boy with a cancer, untreatable in the UK, who she has helped to raise money. His desperate family, have the near impossible task, of raising £145,000, for his treatment in America.  Lindsey has so far raised a massive £25,000 on their behalf.

Highly Commended - Dee Anderson

Following the immense care her daughter Katie,  and her family received, Dee became a volunteer community champion of Little           Havens Hospice.  In 2016, after Katie passed away, Dee began fundraising,  starting with (as you would) a wingwalk!  It raised £2000. Her powerful speeches since at corporate and community events have raised thousands   more for other families who rely on Little Havens. Dee herself is quoted as saying, “Little Havens has been my lifeline from the first day of Katies treatment right  through to her final breath. I will forever feel passionate about raising money, awareness and support for this special place… Katies’s second home, for as long as I’m able”

Highly Commended - Shelley Simmonds

In 2014 Shelley’s baby son Fraser was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a condition which over time leads to paralysis and a short life expectancy of just 25 years. Currently there is no treatment or cure. As well as working full time, and running her home and family, Shelley works tirelessly as an advocate for the Duchenne community, spreading awareness and ensuring people get to hear about the condition. What an inspiration she is. In June this year, to give her son a feeling of physical achievement, she climbed Mount Snowdon carrying 4 year old Fraser all the way …on her back ! What’s more in the process she raised an amazing £12,000 for research. Shelley’s husband Geoff who nominated her said, “Shelley is unstoppable in her mission to make a difference for other families”

Highly Commended - Sarah Scott

Sarah suffers from multiple physical

conditions such as Dystonia and Fibromyalgia,

the physical problems of which have led her

in the past to deep bouts of extreme

depression. As a result she doesn’t enjoy

going to new places or meeting new people.

Physical activity can leave her exhausted.

However, on Sunday 3rd September, helped

by her sister Jess, she completed the parallel London 5K challenge. She

raised a huge amount of money for her charities, which more than

doubled her target. Sarah was nominated by Jen Hebenton of MIND who

says,“Sarah overcame physical, as well mental obstacles, even putting

herself forward for the challenge was a massive achievement. She has

come an extremely long way already, we at MIND are exceptionally

proud of her and the amount of money she has raised to help us

continue to provide our vital services”. 





Other Supporters

Anglia Ruskin University Chelmsford