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Winners - Harry Parker and Glenn Tamplin

Harry was born with Cerebral Palsy, which meant that he was unable to use any of the muscles in his lower body. His confinement to a wheelchair would be permanent unless he had an operation called SDR. Unfortunately the NHS does not fund the operation, the cost would be £75,000. The family began the marathon job of fundraising, after a very long slog, their events and bucket collections had brought in £30,000. By chance they then met a man who personally put up the missing £45,000. It took 6 months before the surgery could be organized. Of course it is one thing to have an operation and quite another to make it successful but Harry is a very special boy. Very soon, 3 weeks in fact after enduring the seven and a half hour operation, he was walking and even running! Harry continues his rehab and still faces a further two years of physiotherapy. He is so proud that he tells other children with similar disabilities to keep going, be strong and keep pushing. He is a very inspirational boy.     


Glenn is a successful Entrepreneur and businessman. He began his career founding AGP Steel in 2002 in a backyard. The business grew sufficiently for them to move to a purpose built factory and office facility in Romford. In December 2016 he bought Billericay Town Football Club. What is not necessary well known is that Glenn had become a born again Christian and often turned his attention to helping people he found with problems. The success he emanated within his football was to spill over on many occasions. One such occasion was when he met another man named Glen, Harry Parker’s father, who was bucket collecting with his wife Danielle and daughter Mia, at a local football match. That meeting was to change the lives of the whole Parker family. As you’ve heard Glenn Tamplin put up the total balance of the money that they needed and the operation was booked. A little more than 7 months later, to the delight of the fans, the Chairman of Billericay was able to walk Harry on the pitch and introduce him to them before a match. He has since erected a purpose built ‘user friendly’ stand for disabled fans. Who are regularly treated not only to the match but also to a meal. He named the stand the HARRY PARKER STAND. 

Highly Commended - Andrew Clarke

Andrew is a volunteer of the Essex Community

Foundation. The Foundation is a registered

charity and the largest independent grant

provider for grassroots charitable organizations in

Essex. Andrew joined seventeen years ago to help

as a volunteer grants assessor, a task for which he

was well suited through his experience as a

director of Barclays Bank. Andrew donates three

whole days a week, which equates to 17 years,

2,346 days or in other words 20,000 hours!

The foundation have nominated Andrew

themselves, the reason they say is ‘Not only for his significant

commitment and dedication, or the quality of his volunteering, but

because of the support he offers to the hundreds of voluntary and

community groups that apply for funding’. So there you have it… a man

who works for nothing and organizes funds for those who desperately

need them. We thought he thoroughly deserved to be highly


Highly Commended - Richard Naylor-Jones

           Richard is a man who has had to adapt and fight back against an illness that is not fully understood by many. In doing so his crusade has become an inspiration to other sufferers, and an example of how activity can add lasting benefits. He had been living with Chronic Fatigue (ME) for some time

before he was finally diagnosed in 2011. This

hidden disability caused exhaustion, poor concentration, sleeping

problems and short-term memory loss. Due to his medical condition he

had to give up a successful corporate career, this hit him really hard.

With the help of medical professionals Richard worked to improve and

manage his condition by following a program that includes exercise and

emphasizes the need for activities that reduce stress, alongside social

activity. Richard is a former Karate British Champion and by returning to

Karate training he has managed to improve his health, and that of

others. His wife Jane, who nominated him says, ”He is 100% committed

to inspiring people in the community whether or not physically or

mentally disabled, to get involved in sport and physical activity

opportunities in Essex”.

Highly Commended - Lee Palfreyman

Lee was been nominated by one of his firemen, James Chambers. In December 2014 whilst attending a fire at a workshop, an acetylene cylinder exploded within twelve feet of where James was standing. He lost his hearing completely. Lee was constantly in touch by visit and telephone to his wife Vikki. James has bravely told us that during those dark days he  was so consumed with depression and anger that on more than one occasion he attempted to take his own life. Lee was ever present often taking the brunt of James anger. James was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Lee continued to visit outside of work time often bringing small gifts for their 6 year-old daughter. James says, “Thankfully I am better now. Lee supported and facilitated my return to work as a full time firefighter, and now my family is beginning to repair itself. Without the selfless actions of Lee I probably wouldn’t be here at all. Vikki and I will always remain in his debt. For over two years he provided support, containment and friendship. He is, and will always be, our Ultimate Hero.”

Highly Commended - Dr Diahanne Rhiney

Dr. Rhiney is a peerless leading edge domestic abuse interventionist and highly respected children’s advocate. She turned her attention away from a long career as a PR specialist, in diversity marketing and race relations, to the area of domestic abuse, after surviving a murder attempt by her former partner. Changing the lives of vulnerable young women and children has become her way of life. She tirelessly volunteers hundreds of hours each year mentoring young single mothers, fostering children from abusive backgrounds and establishing her domestic abuse children’s charity, SWIM or Strength Within Me, foundation. In her own time Dr. Rhiney has fostered hundreds of young girls who still consider her as a mother. She has humbly earned the respect of her peers and a large community of young British children. Today she enjoys a private life wherein she continues to foster children from abusive homes and is determinedly plunging her energy into lowering the shocking domestic abuse statistics in the UK via her own charity.





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